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    5 Unique Features about this Mental Health Furniture

    One major challenge that we face with mental health furniture is not only to ensure it is safe, but to also make it comfortable and stylish.

    Here are 5 awesome features about the K-Safe range:

    1. Physically safe
    2. Hygienically safe
    3. Commercially durable
    4. Stylish
    5. Comfortable

    Let’s uncover these features in detail …

    1. Physically safe:

    Light-weight and Soft:

    K-Safe furniture is made from commercial grade solid foam, this means it is light-weight and soft. This feature ensures peace of mind knowing that the risk of patients harming themselves and others is totally removed.  The largest single K-Safe piece weighs no more than 15kg

    Fire Retardant:

    It is tested to Australian Standards (AS 1530.3) with a flammable rate testing of zero.

    Non-removeable covers:

    And no, the foam isn’t exposed. Each K-Safe piece has a cover made of commercial grade vinyl with stitched and sealed seams (including the zip) making it non-removeable and hygienic. Is that the only hygienic feature about this furniture? I dare say it’s just the beginning. Read on for full specs …

    2. Hygienically safe:

    Anti-microbial and Anti-bacterial:

    It won’t be a headache to keep your behavioural health area free of harmful germs and diseases. The vinyl used on K-Safe furniture is embedded with a sanitized layer making it anti-microbial and anti-bacterial which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould & mildew.

    Easy-clean feature:

    Your cleaners and nurses will love K-Safe, they can use their bleaches and sanitisers!  The K-Safe vinyl has an easy-clean feature which offers the highest level of stain resistance. Whether it be blood, urine, dirt or grime, this feature allows tough stains to be removed easily using alcohol or bleach solutions. No damage will occur to the appearance of the vinyl even after repeated cleaning, making it the only choice for healthcare and commercial applications.

    3. Excellent Quality

    Wear and tear:

    With a Martindale rub test of 100 000+ rubs with no significant wear, it will be years before the furniture will even start to look shabby. It has also been tested to a no change of colour rating of 4-5 (Australian Standards), so in years to come, the behavioural health furniture will still have its original colour.

    K-Safe furniture can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

    4. Stylish

    Styles and Colour Range:

    With purchasing K-Safe furniture, you are about to transform your challenging behavior unit into a 4-star hotel lounge! Well, not really, but why not give your patients a 6-star challenging behavior unit?

    There are 50+ colours to choose from, and our K-Safe Range includes a variety of chairs, lounges, ottomans and more.

    If you don’t like any of these styles, we are happy break the boundaries. So, if you have a picture in your head that doesn’t match our product range – we can work towards your design.

    5. Happiness furniture:


    Not like old-school plastic chairs, K-Safe furniture is comfortable. The main internal structure of K-Safe furniture is firm (and light-weight without sharp edges) bonded to several spongy layers on the outer parts using the latest foam moulding technology. This ensures that the furniture will cushion the body when in use, to the same effect of a lounge chair. Lounge chairs are comfortable, yeah?

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