The Problem with Restaurant Noise and How to Fix

Did you know that nearly two thirds of mid-aged diners say they would actively steer clear of noisy venues? We want our customers to enjoy an impressive fine-tuned meal, but don’t want an uncomfortable noisy atmosphere to override their experience… Do you notice any of the following in your venue? Do the customers have to … Continued

How to Comfortably and Efficiently Plan your Restaurant Furniture

Are you trying to make a seating plan for your dining area and have no idea where to start? Or maybe you are thinking of moving or expanding to fit more guests at a time. Before you go ahead, are you sure that you’ve maximized your dining space? Which Glass Represents your Dining Space? Glass … Continued

5 Unique Features about this Mental Health Furniture

One major challenge that we face with mental health furniture is not only to ensure it is safe, but to also make it comfortable and stylish. Here are 5 awesome features about the K-Safe range: Physically safe Hygienically safe Commercially durable Stylish Comfortable Let’s uncover these features in detail … 1. Physically safe: Light-weight and … Continued