How to Comfortably and Efficiently Plan your Restaurant Furniture

Are you trying to make a seating plan for your dining area and have no idea where to start? Or maybe you are thinking of moving or expanding to fit more guests at a time. Before you go ahead, are you sure that you’ve maximized your dining space?

Which Glass Represents your Dining Space?

Glass = Your Dining Space

Rocks, Pebbles & Sand = Furniture

Air = Potential Unused Space

The first image represents an unplanned dining space. The second image represents a planned dining space where the seating is used in a correct manner to make the most use of space.

Now let’s say the big rocks represent tables and chairs, the pebbles are banquette seating and the sand is booths, what would the glass cup look like if it was just filled with big rocks?

The Truths of Booths

Banquette and booth seating isn’t just a winner for utilizing space, but is also the most comfortable form of seating. It is generally used in spaces touching walls, however, in larger areas, various styles of banquettes can be used in the open to create an island. Many people can squash onto one banquette seat, opposed to dining chairs where you’re limited to the number of chairs. When calculating your dining area capacity, the general rule is to allow approximately 60cm to seat a person, but you may find that larger groups will squeeze themselves into a booth area or long banquette just to keep together.

Booths create privacy between groups, making them a more attractive form of dining for restaurants and cafes. Banquette and booth seating will not only enhance the interior style or mood, but guests will get an immediate impression that it is a classy or fine place to sit.

Plan your Seating to Suit all Group sizes

Doesn’t it annoy you when a couple come in and spread themselves out onto a table of six! Literally – a handbag on one seat, newspaper on the other, etc. We’ll be glad that not all customers are like that, but it is a good idea to have settings for different group sizes to make sure that this doesn’t have to happen. A combination of table settings of various sizes with a bar area is ideal, along with your booths, and then banquette seating with tables and the chairs opposite.

Toggle your Tables to Comfortably Seat More

The most efficient way to fit a row of square tables and chairs in your dining area is diagonally side by side, so that the walkway area can be used for pulling the chairs in and out of the table.

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