Huon Elder Care

Safety First with Rider Dining Chairs

The dining room at Huon Elder Care aged care facility looks classy and crisp with the Rider Dining Chairs, however, delving beneath the surface, these chairs were selected with much precision in regard to the safety of the residents. The castors on these chairs are unique in the fact that they lockup as soon as pressure is taken away from the seating position, ensuring that residents entering and exiting the chair will do so with safety, as the chair will not slide from underneath them. When the resident is seated, the carer is able to wheel the resident in and out from the table. These features allow residents to be in a controlled state of independence. These chairs also feature¬† a light aluminum frame which is often mistaken for timber, as the finish is well disguised to a timber colour and even has a timber-like 3-dimensional grain. This chair comes in a massive range of healthcare-friendly waterproof fabrics and vinyls and ensure cleaning isn’t a chore, and to keep hygiene at its peak.