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    Ipswich Hospital New Mental Health Unit

    West Morten’s new mental health building at Ipswich hospital showcases the pinnacle of compassionate mental health care. The new space was meticulously designed and constructed to facilitate a person-centred model of care. In a groundbreaking approach, clinicians and the community collaborated in the co-design process, delivering a facility that resonates with the diverse needs of its users. The ambiance is enriched with indigenous art and biophilic design, promoting healing through connection with nature and culture.

    Knightsbridge supplied a range of furniture for this new facility that harmonised functionality and aesthetics. The carefully selected pieces contribute to a calm, homely, and contemporary environment, crucial for mental well-being. This project exemplifies our commitment to enhancing staff and patient safety, with the furniture seamlessly integrating features essential for mental health environments.

    At Ipswich Hospital, we’ve helped West Morten Health redefined mental health spaces, creating a sanctuary that embodies warmth, modernity, and a genuine commitment to the well-being of all who enter. The new facility is a place where care and design converge for an unparalleled mental health experience.


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