Did you know that nearly two thirds of mid-aged diners say they would actively steer clear of noisy venues?

We want our customers to enjoy an impressive fine-tuned meal, but don’t want an uncomfortable noisy atmosphere to override their experience…

Do you notice any of the following in your venue?

  • Do the customers have to lean towards each other to hear their companion talking?
  • Are there miscommunications between guests and staff?
  • Do customers respond slowly when their order number is called?

If a “yes” was answered to at least one of the above questions, it is possible that our customers are experiencing discomfort due to noise.

Quick Statistics:

  • Long or repeated exposure to sounds at 75 decibels or above can cause a decrease in hearing sensitivity
  • The average noise level in restaurants around the nation range between 50 and 90 decibels, and the average is increasing
  • Noise can even affect how diners perceive their food, including lower ability to taste sweet foods and the tendency to perceive food as dry.

If noisy restaurants are a common thing, imagine how customers would feel after dining at a restaurant with fine food and a pleasant atmosphere!

The good news is that there are quick and easy solutions –

Quick Sound Reduction Tips:

  • Dampen and disperse sound using physical barriers and/or create alcoves to break up sound waves
  • Line the walls and ceilings with acoustic panels to effectively absorb sound – there are both plain and fancy styles to suit all interiors
  • Put rubber caps on chairs legs to reduce banging and mats on long walkways also helps to absorb sound
  • Consider fabrics rather than leather and vinyl for your chairs, booths and banquette seating
  • Consider putting mats on long walkways
  • Consider making the background music quieter

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