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    Northern Hospital – New Mental Health Building

    Knightsbridge Furniture played a vital role in creating a serene and therapeutic atmosphere within Northern Hospital’s newly constructed mental health facility. With a focus on enhancing patient comfort, safety and healing, Knightsbridge supplied a range of carefully designed furniture.

    The furniture supplied aimed at promoting a calm and homely environment, crucial for patients experiencing mental illnesses. By incorporating elements of comfort and familiarity, the furniture helps create a soothing ambiance, contributing to shorter healing days for individuals seeking treatment.

    Moreover, Knightsbridge’s furniture also prioritizes safety considerations. By addressing ligature and weaponization risks, Northern Health ensures the well-being of patients and staff. With innovative designs and materials, the furniture minimizes the potential for harm, providing a secure environment where patients can focus on their recovery.

    Through their expertise in manufacturing therapeutic mental health furniture, Knightsbridge has significantly contributed to the success of Northern Hospital’s new mental health facility. Their commitment to creating comfortable, safe, and healing spaces reinforces the facility’s mission to deliver exceptional acute inpatient mental health services.


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