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    Your Local Australian Manufacturers

    With Australian-based manufacturing, consistency and quality is imbedded into the culture of all employees at Knightsbridge — do it once, do it well. Our core range is locally manufactured, and for reassurance, the products undergo a quality check before leaving the door for delivery. Also, no imported components of materials — you will not have to wait for components to arrive, everything is immediately readily available to be manufactured locally and delivered to you within weeks.

    Clear Communication and Personal Service from Enquiry through to Completion

    We will help you through every stage of your furniture project, from vision through to delivery with upfront clear communication and personal service. We have in-house furniture specialists that have been in the furniture manufacturing industry since 1989 so that furniture expertise is right at your fingertips, and no problem will go unsolved.

    We take Responsibility for your Project Deadline

    To ensure your project is executed hassle-free and risk-free, we take responsibility of the date that your furniture needs to be in your facility/venue, and ready to be used. We take into account every aspect, including planning, deadlines for budgeting, reviewing the products and testing with samples, delivery, and assembling the furniture and/or installation if required.

    Custom Options through our Manufacturing Capabilities

    In the many years that we have been in this industry, we haven’t yet encountered two projects with the same list of requirements to be fulfilled. This is why it is important that we have Customised solutions available for you to take advantage of. Thankfully, this is easy for us to provide to you as we manufacture the majority of our furniture in-house. This ensures that custom changes can be applied to our products within minutes, as all of our go-to furniture specialists are right there on our premises, ready to apply the changes to make your unique product. Our customisable options include adjusting dimensions, your choice of upholstery finish including many waterproof options, custom timber and laminate colours and more. We are passionate about working closely with you to transform your space into an engaging and effective environment.

    30+ years of Experience Manufacturing Furniture

    Our 30-year-old roots lie in the history of passion, talent and experience … Malcolm, an energetic and passionate young man found himself employed by the well-to-do Heathcote family in the mid 1970’s. They were renowned for manufacturing lounge furniture and re-upholstery, and their service was second to none! Here he learnt his everlasting motto’s … “Quality lasts long after price is forgotten” and as mentioned earlier “Do it once, do it well”… which still rings in the ears of each employee here at Knightsbridge!

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