Mental Health Bedroom Furniture

Safe and Compliant Mental Health Bedroom Furniture
Our psychiatric bedroom furniture is designed with intelligence so that each piece of bedroom furniture is compliant and safe for mental health environments. The furniture is anti-ligature, anti-tamper and has no gaps to prevent contraband. Each piece of furniture is indestructible and can be weighted or fastened to the ground to prevent it from being used as a weapon. All items have a non-porous anti-bacterial, anti-microbial surface that is bleach cleanable and wipeable making it suitable for healthcare environments.

Australian Made Psychiatric Health Bedroom Furniture
Our mental health hospital bedroom furniture is Australian-made consequently providing quality and sturdy designs for your space. Our furniture is also designed in Australia allowing us to expand our range to suit ever-changing consumer needs.

Mental Health Bedroom Furniture Colours
There is a vast range of laminate textures and colours to choose from within the psychiatric hospital bedroom furniture range. This variety of options allows hospitals to create an environment that is homely which allows a calming and therapeutic atmosphere for patients during their journey of recovery.

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