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Our 40-year-old roots lie in the history of passion, talent and experience … Malcolm, an energetic and passionate young man found himself employed by the well-to-do Heathcote family in the mid 1970’s. They were renowned for manufacturing lounge furniture and re-upholstery, and their service was second to none! Here he learnt his everlasting motto’s … “Quality lasts long after price is forgotten” and “Do it once, do it well”… which still rings in the ears of each employee here at Knightsbridge!


It was at Heathcote’s that our director, Malcolm Ingles, learnt the art of handcrafting furniture.  Early in his 20’s he was competent, talented and able to form new and unique furniture pieces from just a rough sketch!

Malcolm soon formed his own business and became renowned for his talent in antique furniture restoration and vintage car restoration – his talent was long sort after. Malcolm could literally bring a broken few pieces of a 200-year-old Edwardian couch to life, all in its originality with sprung and stitched edges, French polished framework and the lot!

In the 1990’s, Knightsbridge launched its first high-end, custom-made furniture range, using unique talents and skills.

In the year 2000, Knightsbridge launched another new line of manufacturing – miniature dolls and children’s couches which were sold to retail shops. These were uniquely designed to look like the old Edwardian style couch.

Malcolm Ingles






Knightsbridge decided to open up its talent into the commercial market in 2014, allowing for the manufacture of unique high quality upholstery and furniture to the wider market. With its roots steeped and talented in the tradition of “quality first,” we now manufacture a range of UNIQUE, CUSTOM, FUNCTIONAL and CREATIVE products that  give our customers the competitive edge in what ever business they are in. We manufacture a range of high quality and creative healthcare furniture, upholstered lounges and dining furniture and a range of beautiful Australian Timbers, and are constantly bringing new  beautiful and functional designs to the market in this sector. We also provide a highly reliable commercial upholstery service to Joiners manufacturing upholstery for high end projects – no job or technique too hard for us to tackle! Malcolm’s background and knowledge also lends to the development of a unique range of mental health furniture, complete with all the specifications in wear and durability.

Knightsbridge continues to develop unique and custom products for the architectural markets, all bearing the same theme, uniqueness, functional creative and quality!

2000-2010 High End Handcrafted Furniture

2000-2010 Lilliput Lounges

2000-2010 Lilliput Lounges

Career Highlights – Unique old car upholstery restoration

2014- Now

Our Mission

Knightsbridge provides bespoke furniture solutions through quality workmanship and excellent service. Each project is tailored to fulfil each need of every customer.

Our Methodology

The three fundamental dimensions of furniture – stylequality and functionality, are all equally important to increase the profits of your organisation.

Style – Increase Your Brand Awareness

Quality – Increase Professionalism

Functionality – Increase Efficiency and Bottom-Line Profits

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Our Clients

 ” Murray Haven Homes Incorporated is a Not for Profit Residential Care Home located in Barham NSW.  We have just undergone a 20 bed expansion to the facility which has included a new lounge and dining area. We selected Knightsbridge as our supplier of dining tables and chairs, lounge chairs and resident chairs for bedrooms. The range and quality of workmanship is second to none plus we were able to order tables sized to our specific needs. If you are in the market for furniture for your commercial project, whether it be a restaurant, motel or aged care facility you should speak with the professional team at Knightsbridge.  And if you want a verbal update on how they are wearing after day to day use, feel free to call me … 

Gary Kairn, Facility Manager  0429 925 364 “

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